To the residents and citizens of Cherry Valley:

As Chief of Police and on behalf of our Department, I would like to welcome you to our community. The Chief’s appointment humbles me, and I look forward to working with you to help make Cherry Valley a safer place.  

The safety and security of our Village is significant; everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. Therefore, the foundation of our success lies in promoting strong relationships with you, our valued residents, and the citizenry throughout the Village. Effective communication and transparency are the pillars of our partnership. We are here to listen, support, and address the issues that matter to you. I encourage you to reach out with concerns or suggestions.

Community engagement will be at the heart of our policing approach. We will collaborate with individuals, local organizations, the school district, and businesses to build trust and promote unity. We can help deter crime and create a strong sense of belonging through community policing initiatives and proactive efforts.

Furthermore, I am committed to maintaining the highest degree of standards and professionalism within our Department. Standards will be accomplished, in part, through training and modern technologies to ensure our officers are well-equipped to handle diverse situations with assertiveness, tact, and respect while safeguarding individual rights. Cherry Valley police officers and staff exhibit a wholehearted commitment to the Department by consistently displaying professionalism, loyalty, and a strong sense of duty in their actions and responsibilities.

With Respect,

Chief Todd E. Stockburger

Emergency Number 9-1-1

Administration - 815-332-3432

To Report a Crime - 815-282-2600

Our offices are located at:

806 E. State Street

Cherry Valley, IL 61016

Our offices are open Monday - Thursday, 8AM - 5 PM and Fridays 8AM - 4 PM