Baumann Lake is Closed for Fishing until further notice.

To our Municipal Partners:

Advanced Disposal’s motto is “Service First, Safety Always”. At Advanced Disposal, safety is of utmost importance and should not be ranked as it is our lifeblood: the safety of our employees, our customers and the general public wherever we are operating. As the world is adjusting daily to the challenges that COVID19 is creating for all of us, rest assured we are prepared to continue providing our essential services to you and your residents. As a company, we are implementing policies and procedures to ensure that our employees are as safe as possible while performing our services, and to keep our customers and the public safe as well.


  • All trash/refuse and recycling must be placed in the company designated cart or a can with handles ONLY if you do not have a cart. Loose items outside of the container will not be collected.
  • All bulky item pickup/collection is suspended until further notice.
  • At this time, yard waste service is unaffected by the changes; however, we do anticipate potential changes to this program as well.

The COVID19 pandemic has caused tremendous disruption to our personal and professional lives, and Advanced Disposal is not immune to these events. At this time, we are adjusting our workforce and practicing the protocols and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): cleaning and disinfecting, social spacing, remote workstations, etc.  

In terms of our frontline services and collection services, we are providing a public health service and will continue to deliver our services as efficiently and effectively as possible. We stand ready to adjust as needed as more waste materials move from the commercial/industrial sector to the residential sector due to school closures, reduced hospitality/leisure activities and reduced commercial/industrial activities.

Lastly, communication will be very important over the next few weeks. We know how much your community relies on our services, and we truly view our relationship as a partnership. As of this time, all disposal facilities are operational and we are operating as close to 100% workforce as possible in providing collection services. In the event of any issues that could affect collections in your community, we will be reaching out immediately to advise of the issue, and determine a response that works for both partners. Each day we are receiving more information which causes adjustments, but we want to make sure our partners know as soon as possible to avoid confusion or add stress to an already challenging time.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for your partnership,


An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-01 amending a policy prohibiting sexual harassment
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-02 vacating a portion of sayer road
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-03 variance for side yard set back for fence - 1206 griggs
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-04 variance 2823 swanson parkway
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-05 catering
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-06 - sign variance 5778 baxter road
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-07 transfer ordinance
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-08 - 2019-2020 annual budget
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-09 amending chapter 82 zoning- section 82-3- definitions enumeration
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-10 dispose of property
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-11 -ordinance failed - variance 117 south cherry fence
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-12 ordinance failed - variance for 3945 genoa fence
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-13 ordinance failed - variance for 3945 genoa fence
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-14 amending chapter 2 section 233 committees
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-15 amending chapter 82 accessory buildings sections 82-3_82-10
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-16 amending chapter 70 inoperable vehicles
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-17 amending chapter 42 - sale of tobacco and related products
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-18 amending chapter 42 offenses and miscellaneous provisions
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-19 map amendment r1 to pk 619 e_ state st_
An Adobe Acrobat file ord 2019-20 variance for 2921 swanson parkway parking space