Shelters at  Baumann Park

The Pavilion at Baumann Park is located by the Palyground and Tennis Courts as you enter Baumann Park.  The Pavilion holds up to 75 People, there are 8 picninc tables and there is a fireplace.  The cost to rent is $80.00 cash. 

Large_Gazebo3The large Gazebo is located by the Lake in Baumann Park.   The Gazebo holds 25 People and has 2 regular picninc tables and 1 handicap picnic table. The cost to rent is $50.00 Cash. 

 At this time you will need to come down to Village Hall, 806 E. State Street, Cherry Valley to rent the Shelters at the Park.  You can call us at 815-332-3442 to see if your date is available before coming down to see us.